Turning visions into reality

WUNDERGUARD works with brands who want to innovate and optimize their brand experience – whether it’s by activating a brand strategy to drive growth and foster innovations or by launching and further developing a platform to make you the leading and most relevant brand for your clients. We identify key challenges, provide practical strategies and tactics, and help implement the solutions.


Need support in evaluating, planning and activating your brand in an event context? Whatever the event is – trade fair, conference or festival – our team of experts will supply all the relevant services ranging from event consulting, management, planning and execution to benchmarking, acceleration processes and go-to-market solutions.

Hand in hand with you, we also build the strategic foundations for corporate events and new approaches in your live communication. Our boutique service portfolio covers brand analysis identifying target audiences, devising event concepts, curating and designing programs, and coordinating technical aspects before the actual brand activation.

We work closely with our clients to evaluate and analyse existing and scheduled events, such as conferences, trade shows and brand and live communication concepts. We do this to identify optimization potentials based on a client’s goals and market requirements. We also co-create the strategic foundations for corporate events and new live communication approaches.



We organize and curate a tailor-made guided tour according to your needs. Connecting you with ambitious start-ups, top international brands, innovative tech companies or individual high-level leads. Benefit from our deep foundations in the industry, decades of event experience and highly personalized networks. We offer a full range of services and insights for your journey through the industry – from the analysis and selection of the right companies, to the curation and scheduling of appointments to the planning of the supporting program.


Based on the results gained from the consulting process, we develop tailor-made live communication and experience concepts ranging from exclusive meet-ups to large-scale conferences and trade shows. Whatever your needs – the meaningful evolution of an existing event brand or a completely new corporate event, event-related brand activation or a unique brand involvement – our concepts aim to create an unforgettable, unique and previously unheard-of experience that activates your target groups and enables them to engage with your brand.



While our client’s hands remain free, we make the magic happen. Our partner network consists of experts who are highly experienced in their specific field and form a unique and powerful team to ensure your goals are successfully met. Our modular boutique system helps to exactly coordinate the services needed to make any event concept come alive.

Project and event management

Content curation, program & format design

Speaker services, research & placement

Sales process


Marketing communications

Public relations and social media

Ticketing and guest relations

Booth concepts and on-site construction

Stage construction and technical services

Branded moving content

Event services