Christian Muche

Co-Founder and Executive Partner

Christian is an internationally recognized executive and business strategist operating at the intersection of the digital marketing, media, advertising, technology and innovation industries with an extensive track record as senior marketing and sales manager for brands like AOL, Yahoo and FIFA. At those companies he managed regional and global organizations for more than 15 years before founding KDME with Frank Schneider in 2008.

A member of various supervisory boards, he also founded and led the German Internet Advertising Association (Online-Vermarkterkreis, OVK) as their chairman, which became the representative arm of the global IAB.

For more than 11 years Christian Muche has lived with his family in New Zealand and enjoys various outdoor sports, including mountain biking, trekking and diving. After a career as a soccer player in his youth, Christian Muche was a semi-professional dancer for several years. He won several national and international champion’s titles in the Latin American and Standard/Ballroom dance categories across the world, including various German, US, Japan and European Championships.